Ahoy! An Island Elopement | Vera + Austin | St. Thomas, USVI | St. Thomas Wedding Photographer

While visiting Dale's parents in St. Thomas, we had the incredible opportunity to be apart of Vera and Austin's uniquely beautiful elopement on the beach of the St. Thomas Marriot. Rather than just going the traditional floral tropical island look, the fun couple decided to do a pirate theme! I can honestly say I have never shot a wedding where the officiant was dressed like a pirate, so it was definitely a fun experience.  Here are just some of our favorite images from their day!

Geode Wedding Styled Shoot | Irvington Spring Farms | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Dale's birthday was last week (Happy Birthday Babe!) and for his birthday I bought him and I tickets to the Uncovered Workshop put on by Leah Seavers of Gaudium Photography and Michela Diddle of Michela Brooke Photography. Needless to say the ladies did an incredible setting up an absolutely gorgeous styled shoot. Dale and I really enjoyed connecting with the other photographers that were there and getting a chance to hear other's tips and tricks, as well as sharing some of ours. Below are some of our favorites that we took at the shoot and we are loving how they turned out! 


Styling: Vintage
Florals + Venue: Irvington Spring Farm
Dress + Suit: Celebration Bridal
Jewelry: Cait.Liz.Lee
Cake: Bekah Gibson
Makeup: Makeup by Ashley
Hair: Tess Daley
Model: Sky Smith + Paul Hill

It's in the Details: Tips for Shooting Bridal Pretties

Hello all! In the business of life and schoolwork I decided to give myself a time out from it all and grab the camera and do a little photoshoot with my two favorite accessories: my engagement ring and pearls. I must say that I am literally obsessed with the outcome! So I figured I would share so quick tips on how you, too, can capture images like these! 

Now for me, I am all about the details, so what I like to do is, as I said grab my favorite accessories, and head over to a window to set up how I would like the shot to look. I use a window because there is literally no substitution for the beauty of natural lighting. It really gives your photographs a soft glow that really draws you in. I will add that when I am setting up, sometimes I wonder through Pinterest just for inspiration and for my creative juices to start flowing.  When taking detail shots, I typically prefer a shallow depth of field. For these photographs I used my favorite lens, who I have named ‘Dot’, which is a 100 mm 2.8 Macro lens. Depending on the amount of light being given from the window I adjust my ISO and shutter speed as so desired. For me, I like the overexposed kind of glow, so I typically will have my ISO 800. Once I have my camera setting set and ready, I will pose my accessories as I would like and then shot away! I am constantly changing angles, and changing the positioning of the accessories, as you can see in these pictures below. After taking my pictures, I like to bring them into Lightroom to edit them. 

As I mentioned, I am really happy with how they turned out and I only hope that yours will turn out just as good if not better! And don’t be afraid to share your results with us! We would love to see what all of our friends are doing!

Happy Fri-yay to all!

- Bre!

Summer + Devante | Goode, VA | Virginia Photographer

Let me start off by saying these two are not only crazy in love with each other but they are also very dear friends of mine. During the session Devante took a video snap showing off is new wife, safe to say he's a little proud of the wonderful lady he married. Bre and I always have a fun time with these two and we have been so blessed to be able to see them go from dating, to engaged and now to newlyweds! Thanks for allowing us to capture all of your special memories Summer and Devante! Also, special thanks to Leo Grande Winery for letting us take pictures on their breathtaking winery. All of these images were taken in film with the exception of one which was taken digitally, can you guess which one was taken with a digital camera?

Ginny + Joey | Lynchburg, VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

If there is anything you need to know about Ginny and Joey, it is that they are such a fun and  adventurous couple. They compete in triathlons around the world! They got married just this past summer and I was so lucky to be able to have them do a session with me. I had a blast working with with them and we wish you two the best! Congrats to Ginny and Joey!

Brittany + Russell | Sapphire Beach | St. Thomas Lifestyle Photographer

Whats a better way to start off a new year than to have an amazing opportunity to shoot a surprise engagement! What Brittany expected to be a photoshoot turned out to be Russel proposing.

Thank you so much for having us be apart of this special moment. Congratulations Brittany and Russel on this exciting time in your lives!

Brenna + Marcus | Houston Lifestyle Photographer

For Thanksgiving Bre and I took our first road trip together down to Texas to spend the holiday week with her family. During our visit we were able to spend time with Bre’s childhood friend Brenna and her boyfriend, Marcus. As a photographer it’s a requirement to squeeze in a photo session on any trip, so here are some photos we took of Brenna and Marcus in a park in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Brenna and Marcus were such a fun couple to work with! We are blessed to have a friendship like theirs! Happy Monday all!

Here are some  of my favorite pictures from their session.