Brenna + Marcus | Married | Houston, Texas | Houston Wedding Photographer

When we were little girls I remember Brenna and I chatting about when we would get married and what our weddings would be like. Our friendship all started in third grade and has lasted through many years of dance and try outs, drivers ed, going to separate colleges and now being married women. Looking back now it all seemed to fly by, but I am so excited to see what our futures hold!

Brenna has always been the smart one in the friendship, while I thrived on my creativity. So while she was in AP Calculus I was rockin my A’s and B’s in on level Algebra, haha! I always loved how comfortable we were to be ourselves around each other even from the beginning. And that is one thing that is definitely apparent in Brenna and Marcus’s relationship. They are comfortable to be themselves and they love each other for who they are.

With Brenna and I going to college on opposites sides of the country I didn’t get to see Marcus much but a few years ago over break I got to meet this guy that I had been hearing so much about and from the beginning I could see how much he cared for her.

Four years quickly go by and me along with our other girlfriends are just waiting for that moment Brenna tells us she’s engaged! And sure enough, March 2016 comes around and there’s a big sparkly rock her hand!

The wedding day was so stunningly simple and beautiful. The florals, the simple candle lighting along the aisle, it really created a unique style to their day. It was such an honor to not only stand by her side as her Matron of Honor, but also be the ones to capture their beautiful moments. Lots of laughter and dancing filled the evening! One of the best parts of the wedding was seeing both sets of parents out on the dance floor just killing it!

Marcus and Brenna, you guys are a wonderful couple and I am so happy that you both have found each other. Dale and I wish you guys all the best! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day!! We love you both! Welcome to the newlywed’s club!