It's in the Details: Tips for Shooting Bridal Pretties

Hello all! In the business of life and schoolwork I decided to give myself a time out from it all and grab the camera and do a little photoshoot with my two favorite accessories: my engagement ring and pearls. I must say that I am literally obsessed with the outcome! So I figured I would share so quick tips on how you, too, can capture images like these! 

Now for me, I am all about the details, so what I like to do is, as I said grab my favorite accessories, and head over to a window to set up how I would like the shot to look. I use a window because there is literally no substitution for the beauty of natural lighting. It really gives your photographs a soft glow that really draws you in. I will add that when I am setting up, sometimes I wonder through Pinterest just for inspiration and for my creative juices to start flowing.  When taking detail shots, I typically prefer a shallow depth of field. For these photographs I used my favorite lens, who I have named ‘Dot’, which is a 100 mm 2.8 Macro lens. Depending on the amount of light being given from the window I adjust my ISO and shutter speed as so desired. For me, I like the overexposed kind of glow, so I typically will have my ISO 800. Once I have my camera setting set and ready, I will pose my accessories as I would like and then shot away! I am constantly changing angles, and changing the positioning of the accessories, as you can see in these pictures below. After taking my pictures, I like to bring them into Lightroom to edit them. 

As I mentioned, I am really happy with how they turned out and I only hope that yours will turn out just as good if not better! And don’t be afraid to share your results with us! We would love to see what all of our friends are doing!

Happy Fri-yay to all!

- Bre!