Dani + Mackenzie | Married | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Wedding Photographer

We are so excited to share Mackenzie and Dani’s gorgeous wedding with you all today! They celebrated their special day at John James Audubon center which was surrounded by beautiful greenery and gorgeous stone buildings! It was our first Pennsylvania wedding, and we would definitely call it a very beautiful success!

Their wedding day was perfect! We did have a little surprise thunderstorm, but luckily it held off until the reception when everyone was inside. But! With a thunderstorm comes gorgeous sunsets to follow, and we have the pictures in this post to show it off!

Mackenzie and Dani share such a sweet, fun love for each other. The kind that you can’t help but smile when you see them together. We are so glad we were able to be apart of their special day! We can’t say it enough just how beautiful this day was. From the couple, to the guest and all the way to the bride’s sparkly Ked’s tennis shoes!

Mackenzie and Dani, we want to thank you both again for choosing us to photograph such a wonderful time of celebration! We wish you both a life full of blessings and laughter! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bauman!


Cake: Kriebels Bakery
Flowers: Buttercup
Dress: Bijou Bridal

Brenna's Bridals | Ashton Gardens | Houston, Texas

I LOVE bridals! This bridal session is especially close to me because the beautiful bride is my best friend! We have been dying to post these beautiful pictures and now that the wedding is over, here they are for all to see! Brenna was a stunning bride and Ashton Gardens was a dream to capture the pictures in! From the spiral staircase and natural lighting from the windows in the chapel- it was all perfect!

These pictures are definite some of my favorite that we have had the opportunity to capture! I may be a little biased since Brenna is my bestie, but still! Just have a look at this beautiful bride! And let us know your favorite!

Angel + Dylan | Married | Garrison, Texas | Texas Photographer

So confession time: its been way too long since we have posted a blog. Both of us being full time students in grad school, having jobs and running our own creative business makes for a crazy life. So prepare for gorgeous wedding pictures because they are coming! And to start off the new year, we will share the Allensworth’s beautiful day!

Five years ago, little college freshman Bre embarked on her college journey to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Before classes even started I had met 3 fabulous girls, one of them being Angel. It was such a fun friendship, consisting of late night movie nights, jamming to T-Swift in her car, baking and other freshman year memories! About a month into the semester Dylan was introduced to the group. From the beginning, I could tell just how much he cared about Angel. I then transferred to Liberty and the next three years absolutely flew by!

It was so wonderful getting to catch up and reconnect with Angel and Dylan throughout the whole planning process. They both have such a strong devotion not just to each other but to God and the people around them. It was such an honor to be a part of their very special day and getting to be there to celebrate your first step together as husband and wife! Dale and I wish you nothing but bliss and many blessings!

Katie + Warren | Married | Sorella Farms | Evington, VA

Katie and Warren's Virginia wedding at Sorella Farms turned a warm August afternoon into an overwhelmingly beautiful occasion. From the floral arrangements to the vintage plates on the head table, it was all so gorgeous. Katie's dress had a very unique vintage touch that she wore beautifully.  

Their love for one another is so apparent and honestly it was so sweet to see them interact with one another. Both Dale and I had a blast being apart of their special day! When it came time for the first dance it was all I could do not to shed a few tears, and I'm usually not emotional at all. Their friends and family were so much fun, especially when it came to the dance floor. There were guys flipping and doing the worm! After the I Do's, it was a party for sure!

Katie and Warren are both so kind hearted people and were an absolute joyful couple to work with. To see how much they love each other and Christ is just such a beautiful sight. Congratulations Katie and Warren! Dale and I wish you both nothing but the best!

It's in the Details: Tips for Shooting Bridal Pretties

Hello all! In the business of life and schoolwork I decided to give myself a time out from it all and grab the camera and do a little photoshoot with my two favorite accessories: my engagement ring and pearls. I must say that I am literally obsessed with the outcome! So I figured I would share so quick tips on how you, too, can capture images like these! 

Now for me, I am all about the details, so what I like to do is, as I said grab my favorite accessories, and head over to a window to set up how I would like the shot to look. I use a window because there is literally no substitution for the beauty of natural lighting. It really gives your photographs a soft glow that really draws you in. I will add that when I am setting up, sometimes I wonder through Pinterest just for inspiration and for my creative juices to start flowing.  When taking detail shots, I typically prefer a shallow depth of field. For these photographs I used my favorite lens, who I have named ‘Dot’, which is a 100 mm 2.8 Macro lens. Depending on the amount of light being given from the window I adjust my ISO and shutter speed as so desired. For me, I like the overexposed kind of glow, so I typically will have my ISO 800. Once I have my camera setting set and ready, I will pose my accessories as I would like and then shot away! I am constantly changing angles, and changing the positioning of the accessories, as you can see in these pictures below. After taking my pictures, I like to bring them into Lightroom to edit them. 

As I mentioned, I am really happy with how they turned out and I only hope that yours will turn out just as good if not better! And don’t be afraid to share your results with us! We would love to see what all of our friends are doing!

Happy Fri-yay to all!

- Bre!

Ginny + Joey | Lynchburg, VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

If there is anything you need to know about Ginny and Joey, it is that they are such a fun and  adventurous couple. They compete in triathlons around the world! They got married just this past summer and I was so lucky to be able to have them do a session with me. I had a blast working with with them and we wish you two the best! Congrats to Ginny and Joey!